Group Walks

£11 an hour

At Hounds On The Downs all group walks are in small groups.
We walk around Brighton & Hove and the surrounding South Downs.
Where possible walks will be away from any roads unless stock proofed fencing is in place.
I will also try to avoid walking with other large groups of dogs.
Any dogs to be included in the group walks MUST be dog friendly.

£11 per dog per hour

Special Needs


These dog walks are on a strictly one to one basis.

They will be an on lead street walk away from other dogs that may be off lead.

Price will vary depending on time so please do contact me with any enquiries.

People Training


I really dislike the term “dog training”.
Your dog and your family trained with positive reward based methods.
Having worked closely with many different breeds of dogs from puppies to adults helping them through the Kennel Club
Good Citizen Scheme I feel that working without distractions to start with and building your training up at a pace your dog can cope will give you excellent results.
Basic exercises such as name recognition, sit, down & stand (all invaluable to your vet) and the most important one…. Recall.

A session can last up to two hours.

Cost £30

Little Walks

Price avaiable on request

Little walks for Little Legs is designed to cater for those dogs that may be too young or too old for a full hours exercise or even for those that just need their day broken up at bit.

Prices available upon request.